Provide Clean Water

$7200 Goal

Likoswe, Malawi

100% funded!

This project has reached its goal, and is no longer accepting donations.

About this Project

Likoswe Village has struggled with dirty water for a long time. After one of its girls was raped fetching water from a stream, Likoswe came together to plan and partially finance a deep well project that will provide clean water to 187 households and 738 people. Likoswe has contributed construction materials and over $400 of its own money -- a HUGE sum for people living on less than two dollars a day. A reputable and trusted well drilling company will complete the project for $7,000, about three thousand dollars less than the market price for such projects. The drilling company applied the discount because Likoswe is organizing the project for itself, not relying on an outside organization. International money transfer fees account for the remaining cost. Partner Water Charity has filled the funding gap as part of its newly created Malawi Borehole Program. The drilling company will complete the project over the span of only a few days and, as always, we'll post live picture updates of impact showing Village X supporters exactly how the money was spent to help a village get clean water.