Chikumbu Village used $2000 in January, 2021 to Grow More Food. This project helped 1874 people across 329 households. Chikumbu contributed 5% ($100), materials, and labor.

Project complete!

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Chikumbu wants agricultural fertilizer to solve a persistent problem caused by poverty -- food insecurity. For most farmers, applying high quality fertilizer to hybrid seeds, will significantly increase yields.

Community Problem: Like most of Malawi, Chikumbu struggles to grow enough food. This is due to climate change, cyclical weather patters like El Nino, and a lack of access to affordable, high-quality farm inputs like fertilizer. As the foundation of the Malawian economy, agriculture affects everything. Most Malawians experience a hungry season each year, when food stocks run low and families are forced to skip meals. Bad growing years extend the hungry season and drive people deeper into poverty.

Community Solution: Loan Chikumbu the money to obtain high-quality fertilizer before the growing season begins in November. Smallholder farmers in Chikumbu will receive this fertilizer directly from the factory, receiving a good price that cuts out middlemen and opportunistic government officials. The fertilizer will help ensure a good growing season, with excess food sold to pay for education, and heath care. Chikumbu will pay back the loan over the course of the year, and we will rollover those repayments into next year's agricultural loan, making this project a sustainable gift that keeps on giving. This project will build capacity in a community that has invested its resources to cover 20% of the overall cost, including 5% in cash.

Partners: National Peace Corps Association

Outcome: fertilizer for the food growing season

May 2018
Village Raises Cash Contribution
Aug 2018
Project Posted
Dec 2020
Project Funded
Jan 2021
Project Completed
Field Officer Myson Jambo

Email: myson@villagex.org
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