February 27, 2020
Report from Field Officer Alfred Piyo: "Today there was a handover ceremony of the borehole. What delayed the borehole opening was chieftaincy disagreements on the name of the village and demarcations, which was finalized last Sunday at the T/A local court. The gathering was not heavily attended because of two reasons since it was morning hours many villagers were gone to a nearby market In Zomba called Jenala to sell farm produce like tomatoes and egg plants and there were some drizzles it was muddy all in a 1/4 of the members were present except the chief who has been bitten by bees and the ADC chair was present considering that meeting a very hard to arrange they also decided to propose a new project of by voting for livestock goats."

October 14, 2019
Mpsyakula borehole in pictures what remains is the handover in seven days time it is locked and protected by thorns for fear of goats and chickens.

October 9, 2019
Am at mpsyakula village now an the situation is that the survey showed that it will be a mud machine used and they have found a rock and they have called another machine to resume tomorrow

October 1, 2019
The project started with a water survey. Drilling will commence immediately!

September 21, 2019
This where folks currently fetch their water.