March 1, 2020
From Field Officer Alfred Piyo: "Hello! Interesting story to share this is one of the families of manyumba where village X distributed goats in 2017 and this family was was one of the beneficiaries they passed over the first offspring by today they are having four and three are expecting to give birth by June and the number will reach to ten commenting on village X the man said this is hidden treasure we are ready to send our girl to community day secondary school and these goats will cater for her school through out other beneficiaries sold and purchased fertilizer which has improved their yield this year indeed village X is having impacts to real grassroots needs"

March 28, 2018
Manyumba received 40 female goats. Over time, 80 families will share the offspring. Goats are assets that families can use to rent more land for cultivation during the rainy season or send children to school. The timing was perfect a few days ahead of Easter. Field officers Myson Jambo and Alfred Piyo were in attendance.