Chiyuni Village used $13000 in August, 2023 to Build a Solar Station. This project helped 950 people across 261 households. Chiyuni contributed 1% ($130), materials, and labor.

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Chiyuni wants a source of reliable, green energy to charge devices.

Community Problem: Chiyuni is a rural village. While many families own mobile phones and other handheld electronic devices, finding ways to charge them is a struggle. It is expensive and time consuming to travel to the nearest village connected to the grid and personal solar systems are prohibitively expensive.

Community Solution: Build a community solar charging station in Chiyuni. The charging station will have eight 375-watt panels and 100 USB ports, allowing it to charge 100 phones at a time. The station will be installed by Kumudzi Kuwale (Village Light), a Malawian renewable power company. This company will also provide around 100 rechargeable solar lanterns that Chiyuni will distribute to community members for household use. On a weekly basis, community members will pay to recharge the lanterns at the charging station. Chiyuni will save proceeds from the solar station to finance future community projects.

Partners: generous donors and Chiyuni Village

Outcome: green energy for decades to come

Apr 2023
Project Posted
Apr 2023
Village Raises Cash Contribution
Jul 2023
Project Funded
Aug 2023
Project Completed
Field Officer Wedson Kondowe

Email: wedson@villagex.org
Phone Number:
+265994207245 or +265888661301

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