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Last Update: August 14, 2019
Provide Clean Water in Mahambuwa
August 14, 2019
Field Report: "Mahambuwa Village has water now,,,,, these updates are coming from the Village,, am happy to see this things happening,,,,"
Provide Clean Water in Mbanga
August 12, 2019
Field Report: "site verification done today at Mbanga village, the drilling will be on by either Wednesday or Thursday, the communities of Mbanga village be happy enough . Hence they have said I should say thanks in advance to villagex team of being given them second chance of drilling another site."
Build a Nursery School in Chinganji
August 11, 2019
"Chinjanje nursery school is at brick filling heading to plastering by weekend last week, the communities are working tirelessly to get it finished soon"
Build a Teacher House in Makunula
August 11, 2019
"Teacher house project at Makunula, we had a problem of bricks 🧱, in the such way that at one oven there is three different sizes and the problem be solved by getting the needed size from someone in the village and the work now resumed after a delay of one week."
Provide Clean Water in Kusapa
August 9, 2019
From Field Officer Myson Jambo: "Received this pics from one Project committee members in Kusapa,, where EZ is doing its first drilling,, the pics are not good but l was just excited that l was able to get update from community members themselves today,, so they have started drilling today and they have managed the 20 meters so far and they will proceed tomorrow and for me l will be their the whole weekend."