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Last Update: January 18, 2020
Build a Clinic in Chipwanya
January 18, 2020
Slow progress due to disagreements between the local chief and village residents. Not ideal, but we're working on it.
Start a Goat Herd in Bakili
January 8, 2020
Report from Field Officer Alfred Piyo: "[Goat distribution] was postponed yesterday due to rains and it rained heavily today but people couldn't postpone it further though the ground was wet people came and before distribution goats were kept in the nursery school block as it was raining and after the rains distribution started by vaccinating the goats and distribution followed there were few speeches because it was still cloudy and the committee decided another next project by consulting the whole group and the reached to a consensus of opting for fertilizer revolving loan and afterwards a bit traditional dance was performed then group video was taken before I leave I was wet 46 goats have been distributed and we expect 100 goats by august which will be double the number in his speech the group village headman recommended village X way of distributing goats ... Bravo!!village x team both in Malawi and US thank you"
Provide Clean Water in Bakili
January 8, 2020
Start a Goat Herd in Yelemiya
January 6, 2020
Build a Nursery School in Yelemiya
January 6, 2020
This project is complete!