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Last Update: June 28, 2020
Chakwera Elected President of Malawi!
June 28, 2020
Congratulations to Lazarus Chakwera, the new President of Malawi! He received 58% of the vote in a rerun election held last week. The rerun election occurred because last year’s election (won by the incumbent, Peter Mutharika) was annulled due to vote tampering. This is a historic moment! #Malawi #Africa #democracy
Build a Market in Maloya
June 24, 2020
The roof is done! All that remains is some work on the inside. We'll continue posting and sharing pics as they arrive.
Black Lives Matter in Malawi
June 22, 2020
In our partner villages 🌍, we field more questions about Black Lives Matter ✊🏾than we do about COVID-19. Hope spreads faster than fear does, and justice and liberation are universal.
Provide Clean Water in Saiti
June 22, 2020
Saiti's recently repaired borehole is doing great!
Build a Nursery School in Balakasi
June 22, 2020