Chiyuni Village needs $2000 to start a goat herd. This project will help 975 people across 3120 households. Chiyuni has contributed $200, materials, and labor.

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$200 raised, $1800 to go

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Chiyuni wants a herd of goats to solve persistent problems caused by poverty. Most residents live on less than $1.25 per day.

Community Problem: Chiyuni Village is very poor. Farmers grow cassava in poor soils and just for subsistence, not for sale. Business activity is limited due to lack of investment financing 💴. Chiyuni wants to use goat 🐐 farming to boost incomes and provide investment financing for other businesses. Goats will also help residents pay for everyday needs, such as paying school fees, and buying clothes and other school supplies, for their children.

Community Solution: Raise a herd of 35 goats. Breed the goats over time to expand the herd and share billygoats throughout the community. Livestock in general is a driver of increased income in rural communities, and mature goats fetch good money on the open market. This project will build capacity in a community that has invested its resources to cover labor, materials, and 10% in cash.

Partners: National Peace Corps Association

Outcome: livestock assets for the entire village

Jun 2019
Village Raises Cash Contribution
Jun 2019
Project Posted
Field Officer Wedson Kondowe

Email: wedson@villagex.org
Phone Number:
+265994207245 or +265888661301

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Change in Development Score:
Chiyuni Village v. Control Villages
Dollars Invested in Projects in
Chiyuni Village (cumulative)

Change in Health Burden:
Chiyuni Village v. Control Villages
*Scores based on # of waterborne illnesses, malaria cases, maternal deaths, and infant deaths per capita.
Change in Local Education:
Chiyuni Village v. Control Villages
*Scores based on school enrollment and national exam passage rates per capita.
Change in Business Activity:
Chiyuni Village v. Control Villages
*Scores based on # of agriculural and non-agricultural village businesses per capita.
Change in Lifestyle Upgrades:
Chiyuni Village v. Control Villages
*Scores based on # of roofs with iron sheets, TVs, motorcycles, and smartphones per capita.
Change in Agricultural Production:
Chiyuni Village v. Control Villages
*Scores based on # of 60 kg bags of maize produced per capita.
Change in Livestock Holdings:
Chiyuni Village v. Control Villages
*Scores based on # of goats and cows per capita.
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