Likoswe Village used $2000 in June, 2017 to start a goat herd. This project helped 738 people across 187 households. Likoswe contributed $100, materials, and labor.

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Project Info

Likoswe wants a herd of goats to solve persistent problems caused by poverty. Most residents live on less than $1.25 per day.

Community Problem: Likoswe residents have very low incomes and very limited diets. The two are connected. Without money, residents cannot eat a healthy mix of proteins, oils, vitamins/minerals, and carbohydrates. Lack of money also leads to lack of education, heath care, and farming inputs, driving people deeper into poverty.

Community Solution: Raise a herd of 35 goats. Breed the goats over time to expand the herd and share billygoats throughout the community. Livestock in general is a driver of increased income in rural communities, and mature goats fetch good money on the open market. This project will build capacity in a community that has invested its resources to cover labor, materials, and 5% in cash.

Partners: Friends of Malawi & National Peace Corps Association

Outcome: livestock assets for the entire village

Mar 2017
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Mar 2017
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Jun 2017
Project Completed
Field Officer Myson Jambo

Email: myson@villagex.org
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Field Updates
In June 2017, Likoswe Village received 40 female goats. The goats were fully vaccinated and guaranteed by the supplier to live for at least 8 months. Likoswe celebrated the occasion by singing, dancing, and distributing the goats to 80 families (2 families share each goat and the offspring after the goat is bred with a male goat in the village). Based on our data, increases in livestock holdings often lead to more girls enrolled in school.
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