Gomani Village needs $2500 to Build a Nursery School. This project will help 1789 people across 643 households. Gomani has contributed 10% ($250), materials, and labor.

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Gomani wants to build a proper nursery school to solve a persistent problem involving early childhood education.

Community Problem: Parents in Gomani Village work long days on remote farms, making it difficult for them to supervise and educate their young children. Consequently, children receive very little formal education before the age of five.

Community Solution: Gomani will construct a small nursery school that will serve as a daycare and pre-school education facility. The school will provide a safe and educational environment for kids! After building the nursery school and stocking it with materials like a blackboard, chalk and books, community members will hire a teacher and pay that teacher with contributions provided by parents of children in attendance. The community has raised 10% of the project cost in cash (about $250) and will contribute labor, cement, bricks and sand to make it happen!

Partners: generous donors and Gomani Village, Chiradzulu, Malawi

Outcome: a proper nursery school for the village

Jun 2021
Village Raises Cash Contribution
Jun 2021
Project Posted
Jun 2021
Project Funded
Field Officer Benard Dickson

Email: benard@villagex.org
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