Mwanga Village used $2000 in December, 2022 to Start a Goat Herd. This project helped 2438 people across 241 households. Mwanga contributed 10% ($200), materials, and labor.

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Mwanga wants a herd of goats to solve persistent problems caused by poverty.

Community Problem: Mwanga residents have low incomes and limited diets. The two are connected. Without money, residents cannot eat a healthy mix of proteins, oils, vitamins/minerals, and carbohydrates. Lack of money also leads to lack of education, healthcare, and farming inputs, driving people deeper into poverty.

Community Solution: Start a local herd of 35-40 female goats. Breed the goats over time (male breeding partners are easy to find) to expand the herd and share billygoats to low-income families throughout the community. The goats will help increase agricultural income by generating manure to fertilize crops, nourish families with meat protein during meals, and allow families to pay expenses like school fees by selling goat offspring. This project will build capacity in a community that has invested its resources to cover labor, materials, and 10% in cash.

Partners: generous donors and Mwanga Village, Palombe, Malawi

Outcome: livestock assets for the village

Nov 2022
Village Raises Cash Contribution
Nov 2022
Project Posted
Nov 2022
Project Funded
Dec 2022
Project Completed
Field Officer Myson Jambo

Email: myson@villagex.org
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Change in Development Score:
Mwanga Village v. Control Villages
Dollars Invested in Projects in
Mwanga Village (cumulative)

Change in Health Burden:
Mwanga Village v. Control Villages
*Scores based on # of waterborne illnesses, malaria cases, maternal deaths, and infant deaths per capita.
Change in Local Education:
Mwanga Village v. Control Villages
*Scores based on school enrollment and national exam passage rates per capita.
Change in Business Activity:
Mwanga Village v. Control Villages
*Scores based on # of agriculural and non-agricultural village businesses per capita.
Change in Lifestyle Upgrades:
Mwanga Village v. Control Villages
*Scores based on # of roofs with iron sheets, TVs, motorcycles, and smartphones per capita.
Change in Agricultural Production:
Mwanga Village v. Control Villages
*Scores based on # of 60 kg bags of maize produced per capita.
Change in Livestock Holdings:
Mwanga Village v. Control Villages
*Scores based on # of goats and cows per capita.
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