Mwanga Village used $2000 in October, 2016 to build a teacher house. This project helped 671 people across 112 households. Mwanga contributed $100, materials, and labor.

Project complete!

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Project Info

Mwanga wants to build a teacher's house at the community's primary school to solve a persistent problem.

Community Problem: Mwanga has trouble attracting qualified teachers. This is because the primary school lacks adequate teacher housing, with only 7 teacher's houses for 18 teachers. Teachers who don't get a house at school are forced to rent a house in the surrounding community and often travel great distances to and from school, typically on a bicycle. This increases teacher absenteeism and lowers teacher morale. To avoid this hassle, many good teachers seek assignments at schools with abundant teacher housing.

Community Solution: Build more teacher's houses. This project will assist not only a teacher and his/her family, but 2,274 youngsters who learn at Namphungo Primary School. It will also build capacity in a community that has organized this project and invested its resources to cover 20% of the overall cost, including 5% in cash.

Partners: National Peace Corps Association & Friends of Malawi

Outcome: housing for an additional teacher and his/her family

Jul 2016
Village Raises Cash Contribution
Jul 2016
Project Posted
Sep 2016
Project Funded
Oct 2016
Project Completed
Field Officer Myson Jambo

Email: myson@villagex.org
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Field Updates
Mwanga Village constructed and celebrated its new teacher house in October 2016. Field officer Myson Jambo attended the handing over ceremony and celebration, which included singing, dancing, and speeches. The house will shelter and protect a teacher at the local primary school and his or her family, and it was finished just in time for the rainy season.
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