Chantulo Village used $2500 in July, 2021 to Build a Market. This project helped 2328 people across 700 households. Chantulo contributed 10% ($250), materials, and labor.

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Chantulo wants to build a market shelter to promote local business.

Community Problem: Chantulo’s market is the business center for three surrounding villages -- Chimphepo, Mteleleka, and Mbapi. Merchants from these villages and elsewhere do business in Chantulo on market and non-market days. However, bad weather (sun and rainfall) currently damages commodities at Chantulo market because vendors do business in the open, exposed to the elements. For example, Nia Nowa, a local merchant, tried to sell a large quantity of fresh fish at Chantulo's market. However, after two days of continuous rainfall, almost two-thirds of her inventory was destroyed. The economic loss set back Nia's family (including her three children) for three months, making it very difficult for them to pay for basic needs and for the kids to attend secondary school.

Community Solution: Build a market shelter and invite vendors and customers to do business under a roof. The market shelter will promote local business by allowing more businesses to sell more things on more days of the week. This will put more money into the pockets of local residents.

Partners: National Peace Corps Association

Outcome: a market shelter for the village

Jun 2020
Village Raises Cash Contribution
Sep 2020
Project Posted
Mar 2021
Project Funded
Jul 2021
Project Completed
Field Officer Macford Chinonga

Email: mmacford@villagex.org
Phone Number:
+265995666910 or +265886118488

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